Workers Compensation

A Workers Compensation attorney, such as the advocates at the Law Offices of Eric T. Johnson, can assist you in obtaining your lawful rights to medical, total temporary disability, and a compensable award if your injury causes permanent impairment, for work related injuries. Workers Compensation is a benefit delivery system for injured employees.  The primary goals of most insurance carriers and self insured employers are to limit their expenses as much as possible, so as to maximize their profits.  There is an inherent profit incentive for insurance companies and employers to cut corners as much as possible, and thereby withhold, delay or deny benefits to injured workers, since any payment of any benefits cost money. Insurance companies or large self insured employers are certainly not an advocate for injured workers and will never be forthcoming with benefits that an injured worker may be entitled to.   A workers compensation attorney such as the advocates  at Law Offices of Eric T. Johnson are expertly familiar with the laws that protect injured workers, and can work to advance their rights.

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