Injured Workers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical treatment to cure and relieve the effects of the industrial injury. All treatment requests by the injured workers primary treating doctors are subject to Utilization Review by the employer/ carrier, to ensure that the treatment request are in accordance with generally recognized standards of evidence based medicine practiced nationally in the field practiced by the primary treating physician. 
  • Total Temporary Disability Benefits , (TTD) if the injured worker is unable to return to work at all and is still actively treating, or is released to return to work with restrictions, but the employer is unable to offer modified or alternative work within restrictions outlined by the PTP.  TTD benefits are payable as an untaxed benefit, 2/3 of the employees average weekly wage. It is capped after 102 weeks are paid within a 5 year period. If the cap is reached and the employee remains on TTD, then the employee may seek benefits from EDD in the form of State Disability Insurance (SDI) for up to one year. If the employee remains TTD after a 3 year period, it would be recommended to apply for Social Security Disability (see about representation for Social Security Disability Benefits or SSDI)
  • Permanent Disability. If the injured worker sustains an injury that results in a permanent impairment, or disfigurement, and/or results in a loss of functional capacity that has an adverse impact on activities of daily living, then the injured worker will most likely be entitled to a compensable award subject to a finding of permanent impairment in a medical-legal report issued by a Panel Qualified Medical Evaluator, or Agreed Medical Evaluator, or final comprehensive evaluation from the primary treating physician.
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit:  If the injured employee is unable to return to his or her usual and customary employment, and has not returned to a permanent modified position, then there will in most circumstances be an entitlement to a vocational retraining voucher from valued from $4000.00 to $10,000.00 depending on the percentage of permanent impairment. The training voucher may be used or redeemed for retraining purposes only, and has no cash value, unless the benefit is settled by way of Compromise and Release.