Here is what our clients say about us on various websites.

Van D. from San Mateo, CA

When you are dealing with a Workmans Compensation insurance company you need a lawyer.
You need a good straight forward lawyer. Mr. Johnson always gave a realistic assessment of my case. I have never met a man I trusted more.

Pat, San Francisco

Eric Johnson and his office performed excellently on my case.  They know their business, and it went like clockwork.  Kim is sharp, friendly and professional.  I highly recommend Mr. Eric Johnson.

Phillip G. from San Francisco

I have met with the attorney Mary-Lou Williams. She gave me a valuable feedback and options for my worker's compensation case - all with the aspect of honesty, sincerity and human spirit (a great contrast to my "lion-type" doctor).

I was also happy with the legal staff - the young lady who took details about my case was to the point and well organized,

Disclaimer: this review is based on a real professional experience; i do not have any personal affiliation with the business or staff

C C. from Palo Alto, CA

Excellent lawyer and very thorough. My meeting with Mr. Johnson was for an initial consultation. I had many questions and was unsure about the process. He stayed with me for more than 90 minutes (uninterrupted) and went through all the question. What I particularly liked is his style in understanding the overall issue and the details first, prior jumping to a solution, and then discussing multiple viable solutions. He was not pushing nor trying to sell. He provided the education necessary to make a wise decision and recommended a solution. Some solutions where under the workers' compensation system and others were not. Furthermore, he pointed out which ones would require a lawyer and which might not. I also have to add that his assistant, Sasha, was very helpful in gathering all the details and getting me the appointment. I strongly recommend Mr. Johnson.

John P. from San Francisco, CA

Shayenne Gamboa was the lawyer who handled my case. I must say that she handled it with exceptional professionalism that resulted in the best possible outcome with the least amount of pain. I had been to another lawyer whose solution would have been much more painful and expensive.

Christina F. from Larkspur, CA

Shayenne and Mary Lou were easy to work with and got us through difficult situations with professionalism and ease. Would certainly Recommend them

James H. from Daly City, CA

To anyone in need of a workers compensation attorney Eric T. Johnson is the right choice.He is a competent caring attorney who will not waste your time with unnecessary details or rhetoric. At the same time he strives for the best settlement. I would recommend Eric highly. He is also one very cool ethical attorney. J.H.

Ron P., San Francicsco, CA

After having read the other reviews, I couldn't agree more with everything that has been said about Eric and his professional staff. I too, experienced a Workmans Compensation issue. Eric and his staff from day one, were there and they never stopped working on my behalf, until the matter was resolved. It took time, expertise and alot of work. I can't say enough for his pleasant nature and his inate abilty to put legal jargon into laymens terms. His attention to detail...............superb and his staff; I can't say enough for Karen and the rest- they're the best. My satisfaction rating couldn't be higher. When I think of Eric, I think of a courteous, gracious man with a strong sense of honor; so befitting of his profession and a true gentleman.

Gandhia, A. from San Francisco, CA

Eric Johnson and his office helped me settle my disability case of two years. The disability application is a complicated and stressful process and Eric Johnson knew exactly what I needed to strengthen my case, as well where to send me. His Case Manager, Kim, is extremely competent and pleasant to work with. Her efficiency really made for a smooth experience. I appreciate both of them and all the work they did to make my case a successful one.

Ares, V. from Richmond, CA

Eric assisted my father with a workers comp claim and he was excellent. He was detailed and made sure we did everything that was required to help his case. He is very pleasant and explains everything in detail. I highly recommend him. So much so that I went back to him for my bankruptcy. His assistant Shayanne met with me and we went over everything. She prepared me for what was to come. She is a very detail oriented person and stays in constant contact with you. She even emailed me several times while she was on vacation. She is very thorough and made sure all possible debt was included and wiped out. She also explained everything to me in detail and was very creative in fixing some last minute issues. I couldn't believe how painless she made this for me. I was very nervous, anxious and stressed out and she made the whole experience very pleasant. I highly recommend her! Thank you for everything Shayanne. It was a pleasure!

Heather L. from San Francisco

A big giant thank you to Eric and Shayenne for taking such wonderful care of me and making sure that my bankruptcy case went through without a hitch. I had to make the very difficult decision to file for bankruptcy and Shayenne was professional and an angel to work with. Perfect location. Kind and caring staff. I highly recommend Eric Johnson.

Nelson B.

The law office of Eric T. Johnson has helped me process my petition for bankruptcy with ease. The staff (Shayenne Gamboa) is very knowledgeable and is available to answer any questions I have related to the bankruptcy processes. The office is conveniently located of the bart station...I definitely recommend this firm to represent anyone I know who needs help with the various forms of bankruptcy filing.

Axel R, from Palo Alto

I can recommend Mary Lou Williams, Atty for Worker's Compensation with the highest confidence. The Law Offices of Eric Johnson are wonderful - great staff, friendly laid back people. On the street, you'd hardly peg them for lawyers. Professional people of some other ilk that are relaxed and fun-loving, yes, but stuck up, driven, money-hungry sharks? Never!
Maybe that adds to their success... they swoop in with polite and charming - very real! - sense of people and justice, and the sharks are confused. heheheh
They give Lawyers a good name!

Jaylyn S. from Emeryville, CA

Two thumbs up!!! Shayenne was wonderful, attentive, prompt, and supportive.

Gary G.

Eric Johnson Law office was a savior for me. I was totally over my head in debt, had lost my job and had felt I had no way to turn. They completed my bankruptcy quickly, professionally, and with very little interruption to my life. There rates were very fair and were willing to work with me and my financial condition.